Friday, June 3, 2011

French style vintage biscuit tin

I just put this  adorable vintage biscuit tin my etsy shop.
It is so sweet but I can't keep everything.
Depicting the work of French painter Francois Boucher who lived 1703 to 1770
It features a different painting on each side
It is a large biscuit tin about 12 wide by 4 deep in an octagon shape.
In pretty good shape for an old tin.
the top comes off and can be used to hold papers, sewing notion, and of course biscuits!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pretty Little Valentines Fabric Heart

This is a fun craft that you can easily do with your kids or if you are sitting around watching TV.
A beautiful Fabric Rag Heart

The best part ?  You probably have all the items you need already in your home! All you need are fabric scraps,  a wire hanger, silk flowers. This makes a great addition to your front door, or a simple gift to a hostess.

  • Start by bending a wire hanger into the shape of a heart. Twist off the hook- hanger part)


  • Cut fabric of your choice into strips ( I used about 70 strips) 5 in long by 1  or 1+1/2 in.

  • Tie around the hanger as many strips as you like, form into small bows.

Just completely go around the entire wire!

  • Add some silk flowers, ( you tie these into the fabric knots as you go along) Later you can apply a bit of hot glue if you want them to sit better.

You can tie in lolly pops or chocolate candies if you are giving this as a Valentines gift.

I wanted to be able to store it away, so I chose just flowers, and a little tulle.

Just place the rose buds in strategic places of your choosing!

  • Add a twistie tie to the top portion of your hanger
  • Hang your finished product

It does require a bit of time to tie the fabric onto the hanger, ( maybe an hour) but I find it relaxing to do while I watch TV. And the results are well worth the time invested. ; )

Hang wherever your Heart Desires!!
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