Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sepia Saturday

It's Saturday night again, and as long as I'm not out partying or doing something wild and crazy. 
I may as well join in the fun at Sepia Saturday Time to dig out my old family photos and see what I got.
Last post was about Grandmom and Grandpop on my mom's side. 
Tonights pic is my mother , my father, and Grandmom on Dad's side.

This would have been taken around 1942. My mom, Mary is the one on the right and she would have been 18.
In this picture mom looks like my daughter Mary, who is 18 right now.
I wonder where this was taken, their not with us anymore to ask.
 If I had to guess I would say grandmom's house in Wildwood on an early summer evening. I imagine mom and dad strolling the boardwalk in their finery.  My mom in her pretty 40's shoes, my dad in his Marine outfit. 

Fleeting moments...


  1. Your Mom was a beautiful woman, and your father a handsome devil in his uniform. Great photo!

  2. Such a handsome couple and a very proud Mom.
    She was such a young bride! She probably wasn't so young for that time, though.

  3. Such a happy photograph. I can almost feel the warmth of that early summer evening.

  4. Nice isn't it when someone like your daughter looks like a photo from the past, her grandmother. Wonder how comfortable those shoes with heels were for walking though!

  5. So many photos like this exist of young vibrant people during the war. So many stories to be told. Wonderfully warm shot.

  6. They are a very handsome couple. I wish women still wore dresses like that - so flattering.

  7. nice to see some could still smile in times of war.
    thanx 4 sharing!!

  8. Lovely, joyful photo. Were your mom and dad married yet? Your mom's shoes are indeed pretty. Despite the heels, they look very comfortable.

  9. Great photograph. I would echo the comment made earlier about smiling. On visits to my grandparents many years ago I remember them having some like this on their mantelpiece but I always remember them being more sombre.

  10. Thanks so much for the comments! They were actually married a few years later. Dad was probably on leave from the service and they were at the seashore for the day. Both mom and dad were very easy going happy people.


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