Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seashell Pink Design Inspiration from Coastal Living Magazine

The beauty of this room in Coastal Living magazine inspired me to change my room just a little and to add some nautical elements to it's cottage look. I just love the soft and creamy pink fabric of the bedspread and the seashells around the mirror, above the bed.

So below is what I've done from what I had around the Cottage just to satisfy the craving of change.
  • Pulled out an old linen from my collection that I love, it has touches of blue and pink

 ( my other 2 favorite colors) besides sea glass green and blue!

 The little blue ticking fabric basket is handmade by me and will be for sale in my etsy shop soon. It would be perfect for holding little vanity items.

  • To tackle the look of the mirror above the bed in the luscious pink room.

Now I have a small mirror above the bed, and a round mirror above this bureaux so I decorated them both with the shells like in the inspiration picture.

Magically enough these walls are still a very pale blue, but
The room is reflecting pink from the bedspread and the chandelier.

I love this kind of magic don't you?

  • A candy pink rag quilt.

  • And above the bed is a small vintage mirror that I just placed some shells up on top of.

I may change them to Starfish, what do ya think?

I have loads of starfish around from my son's beach wedding, because his wife and I made a lot of the decorations.

And I was inspired to just add a starfish with a tiny bit of a curve at the top to hold onto my nautical rope curtain tyeback. 

All the shells on the walls are just super glued on, so it only took seconds!

Overall I like my instant switch-a-roo
From one Divine Picture in Coastal Living

To an instantly beaming room full of peachy, beachy, eye candy !

Maybe I should make those shells go all the way around that mirror? I didn't want to over do it, what are ya thinking? Out there in cyberland?

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  1. Rather than do seashells around the mirror, my suggestion would be to add a second row of seashells above the present shells. Space the second row between the shells below (offset strategy) and top the whole arrangement with a starfish centered above the layered shells.
    What a lovely home!


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