Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sepia Saturday

It's Saturday night again, and as long as I'm not out partying or doing something wild and crazy. 
I may as well join in the fun at Sepia Saturday Time to dig out my old family photos and see what I got.
Last post was about Grandmom and Grandpop on my mom's side. 
Tonights pic is my mother , my father, and Grandmom on Dad's side.

This would have been taken around 1942. My mom, Mary is the one on the right and she would have been 18.
In this picture mom looks like my daughter Mary, who is 18 right now.
I wonder where this was taken, their not with us anymore to ask.
 If I had to guess I would say grandmom's house in Wildwood on an early summer evening. I imagine mom and dad strolling the boardwalk in their finery.  My mom in her pretty 40's shoes, my dad in his Marine outfit. 

Fleeting moments...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Life for an old Mahogany Desk

I have this old desk that was all ratted up and scratched. It was mahoghany and I thought long and hard about refinishing it. It had a horrible coat of old mocha colored paint on it and I zip stripped all that off, and started with the sander. After a while I got frustrated and gave up. I just didn't have the time I needed to bring it to it's former glory.
It sat in the basement for 3 years. Then I decided to bring it to me Cottage Beach House, down the shore.
There I knew it would undergo a transformation.

I painted it white. I decoupaged the drawers to hide the gouged out drawers from my son swinging the pulls that were hanging off, round and round.
I'm thrilled with the final result.  It serves double duty as a desk and a vanity for me. Now I use it for reading and writing on my blog, or for sitting down and fixing my hair or dabbing on some make up.
I keep the junk in a neat little box from Home Goods, because I'm not too fond of clutter.

My daughter painted me a little tray for all my goodies ( seashells found at different shores) and candles.
And now this once beat and ragged desk that everyone said I should toss, has become a charming, useful addition to bedroom in my little Cottage Beach House.

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